Submitting material...

Submitting images: technical requirements

The preferred format is JPEG (uncompressed or compressed). We can accept other formats but may request a resupply if not suitable.

Generally, we recommend you email un-edited images in JPEG format.

Images up to 10Mb can be accepted by email although we do find images in the range of 500Kb to 3Mb are perfectly suitable.

Images should be at least 1024 pixels on the longest side. Pixel width and height are the important measures - dpi or ppi have no context for webpage publishing.

Generally, the larger filesize of the submitted image, the better chance of a good result when published.

We reserve the right to edit or reject material provided to us.

Submitting images: emailing

Please email images to

A limit of 10Mb per email, please, including message and all attachments.

It is extremely helpful if images are sent as simple attachments (not zipped, not stored as a slideshow, not provided as links to images on external websites such as flickr). Images sent as a part of a slideshow may be difficult, or even impossible, to extract.

Contributors are asked to pre-select their best shots and then submit up to six of their best pictures.

Please send no more than six images in a single day.

To help write the captions, please also provide the date of the image within the email message or within the image filename and any other relevant information, for example, subject and location

Images can also be posted to the page on facebook. However, but the automatic image reduction carried out by facebook tends to render the image unsuitable for use on the main website. Best email the image to us (see above for email address).

Original images, as emailed to us, are not retained.

We reserve the right to edit or reject material provided to us.

Submitting material: your agreement

Contributors of images or text agree to unlimited use of the images and/or text on this website and its facebook and twitter pages, and unlimited use of the images or text on websites run by the organisations listed on the Copyright page along with use in any uneditable document produced for informational or promotional purposes by the listed organisations including provision of images to accompany press releases.

The listed organisations are requested to ensure each published re-used image or text is accompanied by acknowledgement to the copyright owner and a link to the Creative Commons licence.

Images and text published under this agreement always remain the property and copyright of the photographer, author or the artist.

We reserve the right to edit or reject material provided to us.

Submitting images...

Please send image contributions by email to - images best sent as an attachment and larger than 1024 pixels on the long side please.

Email images to us

Submitting text...

Please send text-based contributions, such as news items, by email to The text-based contribution can be part of the email message or attached as a Word or OpenOffice document. We reserve the right to edit or reject material provided to us.

Email text to us

Copyright and re-use

Please see the copyright and re-use page.

Creative Commons

For more information about the Creative Commons licence, please see the copyright and re-use page.