Photographing the West Somerset Railway...

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A map of the Railway showing a selection of photographic locations complete with example shots and shown on zoomable Ordnance Survey maps.

Rule book maps

A set of ten maps from the official WSR Rule Book showing the line, bridges, crossings, stations, mileposts, gradients and location names.


A work-in-progress detailed map written in HTML5 Canvas; it works on Firefox and Chrome but not (currently) on IE.

Gradient profile


The gradient profile of the West Somerset Railway. Taken from official WSR documents. The drawings also show mileage and locations of bridges and stations.

Submitting images


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Copyright matters


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Stop, Look, Listen


Full details of how to obtain a Lineside Photography Pass including details of the required Personal Track Safety course and examination, are found on the official WSR website.

Please do not venture onto the lineside without the required training, appropriate personal protection equipment and valid permits.

Of course, many a great picture can be taken from public areas such as platforms where a Lineside Photography Permit is not necessary.


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