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Contact details and contribution information
We respect the privacy of those who contact us. Any contact details that you supply are stored and used solely to provide you with an appropriate response, and all details are held in strict confidence. We also respect material submitted for possible publication. This page explains how we use and re-use submitted material.
Photographic contributions
We are pleased to receive photographic images of the Railway (click here for technical preferences and email message limits).
Please email images to: (limit 4Mb) or (preferred) (limit 10Mb) or (limit 10Mb).
We ask contributors to pre-select their best shots and to submit up to four of their best pictures of a day's event - emails with more than four images may result in a request to reduce the number of attachments and resubmit. In this way, we hope we can continue to publish the very best, topical and interesting images of the WSR within a reasonable timeframe.
We try to include the image date in the published caption. We are sorry but we do not have the time to explore EXIF data if this is attached to the image. Please include the image date and a brief description of the image in your message text to help us write a useful caption to accompany the image.
Accepted images and descriptions may be edited before publication.
Video clips cannot be used, although we are grateful for links to videos hosted elsewhere especially YouTube clips featuring the WSR.
Contributions of news stories and articles
We are very pleased to receive news stories and articles, along with corrections and suggestions, by email to - please avoid sending images to this account.
Contributions and Copyright
Images used on always remain the copyright of the photographer. Sadly, images have been copied from the website and re-used elsewhere without reference to or permission of the copyright holder.
To reinforce the understanding of re-use of images, the Creative Commons External Links licencing logo and wording will appear for each image (but not thumbnail images) on as soon as possible. We understand people will always make illegal use of images regardless what we do, but, with a clear message on the web page with each image, a clear statement of rights will be in place.The licence will be the Non-Commercial Re-use External Links version:
Creative Commons License This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence External Links. © [name of copyright owner]
A reminder that the copyright of an image always remains with the owner of the image.
Use and Re-use of Images and Text
Every attempt will be made to ensure an acknowledgement to the contributor appears with the image or text on this website; however, whilst news contributions from official sources are usually acknowledged to the official organisation, news contributions from individuals are often acknowledged to "local correspondent".
By submitting text or images to the above email addresses, you agree to unlimited use of the text or images on this website and unlimited use of the text or images on the websites of the West Somerset Railway Association, the West Somerset Steam Railway Trust and the West Somerset Railway Plc, along with use in any uneditable document produced for informational or promotional purposes by the WSR Plc, WSRA or WSSRT (including provision of images, plus appropriate Creative Commons licence, to accompany press releases). Images used on the websites mentioned above, other than thumbnail images, will be accompanied by a clear message and a link to the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Re-use Licence External Links. Thumbnail images and text extracts may also accompany news items or event news items on third party websites such as Facebook but generally the larger images will not be re-used.
Requests for permission to use submitted images or text for commercial* publication will always be referred back to the copyright owner, unless the latter agrees to such usage at the time of each submission and agrees to contact details to be revealed to the publishers. The email address of the requestee will be forwarded to the copyright owner unless the requestee expressly asks for anonymity. It would save time if, at time of submission, contributors could indicate agreement for such usage and also allow contact details to be passed to publishers to ensure proper acknowledgements and any payment arrangements. [* "commercial" in this context refers to any published items that are sold or given away (WSR Plc, WSRA and WSSRT excepted).]
The above section was modified 14 April 2011.
Preferences and General Information
  • The preferred format is JPEG (uncompressed or compressed). We can accept other formats but may request a resupply.
  • Images up to 10Mb can be accepted by email although we do find images in the range of 100Kb to 3Mb are perfectly suitable.
  • Images should be at least 640 pixels on the longest side. Pixel width and height are the important measures - dpi or ppi have no context for webpage publishing. Generally, the larger the image, the better chance of a reasonable resized result.
  • Each email (message and attachments) should be less than 10Mb.
  • Please provide the date of the image within the email message or within the filename (we do not have time to explore EXIF information)
Each image selected for the website will be assessed for quality. Some cropping and editing is carried out, usually improving colour rendition, getting highlights into shadow areas and a spot of sharpening. Most images are resized to 640 pixels on the longest side and a further resized image, the thumbnail, is produced.
EXIF information (image metadata) will be removed during the editing process.
Details of the image content are welcome especially the date of the image.
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