SR 4-6-2 no 34046 Braunton - an update
No 34046

No 34046

Mike Johns of the Braunton Management Company reports...
As a consequence of the non-appearance of Tornadoas intended, No 34046 went into WSR service somewhat earlier than planned on 10 July. It ran 63 days relatively trouble free until the Autumn Gala weekend 2-3 October when it came out of service at Minehead for a boiler washout, turning and delivery (towed) to Williton North Yard to return to the Swindon Shed.
Now the plan is for Braunton to stay at Williton until its intended main line tests can take place around the turn of the year. By that time the OTMR, TPWS and air braking systems have to be completed along with the new tender and support coach, with the three vehicles and the design changes made approved and accepted by our Vehicle Acceptance Body prior to certification for main line use. This work is being undertaken jointly by Williton Works staff, Braunton support team members and specialist sub-contractors. A replacement air pump, governor and lubricator is being overhauled by Ian Riley preparatory to fitting as our original is of a type where its lubricator cannot be filled and primed from the cab, a need we learnt from having Bittern and Tornado on the WSR. The tender chassis is on its wheels and being fitted with air reservoirs and pipework etc prior to the tank being mounted, itself having had one cupboard fitted out with the main line equipment that a Driver may need to access from the footplate on occasion. The coach is being re-furbished internally with auxiliary heating and lighting that can be coupled to a shore supply, the luggage area divided into kitchen and stores/workshop areas, toilet re-fitted, bunks being installed in one compartment and the others to be re-trimmed. Yet to do is the work necessary for wheelset UAT, MPI and roller bearing examinations, re-certification of brake reservoirs and gauges etc.and testing of air and vacuum brake systems, ETH and steam heating.
The formal main line tests will consist of a light engine and support coach run followed by a loaded test run to enable the VAB to satisfy themselves that the locomotive meets the required standards. In this we will be helped by the mileage run on the WSR since 2008 as No 34046 has now run some 10,000 miles in service and is well run in. Before this can happen though we need some additional support team members to ensure we can roster a crew when required – please contact David Hurd in Minehead shed or Keith Speller via 01984 633547 if you’re interested. Once testing is complete it is intended for the first twelve months at least the locomotive will remain based in the South West, either on the WSR or at Bristol depending on commitments, this requirement being understood by the charter companies we have already been in contact with. This will ensure that in the event of any problems arising they can be dealt with promptly, and will allow the support team time to settle in. At this stage no firm arrangements are being made until we are satisfied the locomotive and coach are complete and fully passed out for main line use.
22 October 2010
Braunton near Leigh Wood
34046 © Dean Fisher

34046 © Rodney Greenway
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